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“Mulhouse Cité Mode” Work in progress

Canvas Ecole has been invited to enter into the Mulhouse Cité Mode contest which will be held 15th October at the Palais des Sports de Mulhouse. A local event in Mulhouse, that promotes the skills and talents of fashion students, as well as highlighting local fashion boutiques and businesses, its an excellent platform for our students to show off their design and couture talents on the cat walk.

This year the theme of the contest is based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Canvas

Degree and Diploma students have already presented their designs to the

organisers and now the whole Canvas team are hard at work, developing and

perfecting the show pieces – a true collaboration!

We’re all really excited about what we’ve achieved so far! Check out our progress below. Fingers crossed for us!!!


Made from red thermoplastic (plastic moulded by heat), and Mousseline, Andrea’s Sexy Armour

design immediately seduces the eye, drawing attention and emphasising the form and shape of the body. We can’t wait to see the finished creation!

Here Prof. Bunoan combines basic technique with advanced technology,

providing direction on the development of the giant tiara (part of LUST). Below, the cardboard prototype will be used as a template for the delicate structural tiara, that will be built using 3D Pen.

“SLOTH” - Solange utilises recycled materials (bed sheets and pillows) for her design, to create a

voluminous, billowing structure, that is as wide as it is high, and flows without moving. The inclusion of a top to bottom veil exudes a sensation of isolation and introspection.

“GREED” – Leoni (1st year student) ideas were shaped and manufactured by Mme. Guerot and a couple of 3rd year students, this piece combines high quality fabrics with recycled materials creating a flowing, melting, light structural form. Layered with contrasting tones and

textures, including a silver lining, the piece is inspired by the exoskeletons of cockroaches and scorpions, portraying a sense of protection, consumption, and possession of wealth.

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